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Projects and Model Calls

Projects and Model Calls

Our goal, once a year, is to create projects to express our creative minds. These projects will be completely planned out by us. They may be small or they may be large scaled. We just get ideas and want to express them through photography. Below is a list of project ideas we have and what we are looking for when it comes to "models" for these projects. We put quotations on "models" because we aren't usually looking for professional models. A model, for us, can be just about anyone that fits our project needs. A lot of our projects will be used for competition, so know this before applying. To apply for any of the following projects, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

21 Couples in 2021

Love is All Around! We want to show the world, love. Love between two people. Our primary genre in photography is couples portraiture and engagements and weddings. We want to photograph more couples this year than ever! Therefore, we're doing a call for 21 couples in the year of 2021! You can be married, you can be just dating. You can be newly married, you can be married for 70 years! It does not matter who you are, what your background is, we just want two people in love.

+ Must be 18 years or older

+ Must sign a model release

+ Engagement sessions are not included in this project at this time (Engagement sessions are included in our wedding packages and are separate from our portrait sessions at this time)

+ We create our sessions to show off your love for each other and to create natural connections and expressions. We just need cooperation and your willingness to participate.

Your couples portrait session fee will be discounted from $400 to only $200 and you will receive 1 image (8x10 print and its digital compliment). We are also offering a 25% off discount on our portrait packages for this deal.

Frankenmuth Couples Portraits

You can find our full portrait pricing guide HERE .