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21 Couples in 2021!

We are looking for at least 21 couples this year to photograph. 21 couples is our goal to photograph this year (of course if we hit more than that, then that is even better!) Take advantage of our whole experience and make it a date night for you and your significant other. Whether you're married or not. Whether you've been married for 50+ years or 1 year. Whether you've just been dating for a couple years or 20. We want to photograph you. We're looking for all different types of couples. If you're in love, we want to photograph YOU!

Frankenmuth Couples Portraits

Christina and Jason (above) have been married for only a year and a half, but we could tell the love they shared with each other during their session in Frankenmuth, MI. They turned their portrait session into a date day and after their session, they enjoyed a lunch at the Bavarian Inn in downtown Frankenmuth.

We are offering these sessions at a discounted rate at this time in order to fill up our portfolio with what we absolutely love to photograph. COUPLES! If you are in love with your significant other, we want to photograph you. To find out more information, please fill out the form below.