A Dream Wedding

A wedding is a production. Whether it is big or small. It is a production of the dreams and wishes of a couple. To celebrate the love between two people. Typically planning a wedding takes probably an average of a year for someone to plan out exactly how they want it to go. From the dress, to the caterer, to the atmosphere, all to fit into a venue that will encompass it all.

I want to feature a specific wedding because this is one of the things I love about photographing weddings. We, as wedding photographers work directly with out couples from the time they hire us (which is usually very early on in the planning process for them) through beyond the wedding day. We are one of the few vendors that doesn’t work with them once before and then the day of. We all become friends. During meetings before their wedding, we ask them how the planning is going and we find out all of the details about their wedding. This is why it is always so fun to be able to come to the wedding day and see the whole production put together. To see the couple so happy to be surrounded by their creation, but more importantly to see them happy to share it with their friends and family.

Megan and Diondra got married on July 27th 2019. I met Megan at the end of 2018 when she was looking for vendors. We discussed what she was looking for and she booked with me. The beginning of 2019, we scheduled an engagement session. I love engagement sessions because it gives us the perfect way to truly get to know each other. Plus it helps the couple feel more comfortable in front of the camera. This is why I offer engagement sessions complimentary for all of my weddings.

It was a very cold and snowy day in March of 2019 when we had their engagement session at George George Memorial Park in Clinton Township, Michigan. It only lasted about 25 minutes, but we had a good time and got to know each other a bit. As the time went on, our fingers, faces, and toes froze, but I was still able to capture the true love between these two wonderful people. It was seemingly so easy for them because they are truly in love.

Megan and Diondra’s Engagement Session at George George Memorial Park
Megan and Diondra’s Engagement Session at George George Memorial Park
Megan and Diondra’s Engagement Session at George George Memorial Park
Megan and Diondra’s Engagement Session at George George Memorial Park

After their engagement session, we stayed in contact all through the time they planned their beautiful wedding. In July we met over the phone to discuss and finalize the timeline for their big day. I like to make sure we’re all on the same page so there are no surprises or miscommunications on the actual day. I was to start my day with them in the early afternoon at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Clinton Township, where Megan and her Bridesmaids were getting ready. Some may not think much about the location where they will get ready in terms of photographs. However, it truly does make a difference. The suite that they had chosen for this wedding was fantastic with plenty of light coming in. I’ve been in a few hotel rooms used for weddings and I have one tip for brides thinking of doing this for their wedding…Make sure you turn your room into an ice box before everyone arrives. You will thank me later for telling you. No matter what you try to do when the room is crowded, you will never be able to cool it down. Just a little friendly tip.

Details – Getting Ready at Hotel

It came time for the wedding day. I met Megan and her Bridesmaids at the hotel and began photographing all of her details. The rings, flowers, shoes, etc. I usually start with all of these items because the Bride is usually still in hair and make-up during this time. If she is still getting her hair and make-up done once I am done, I will just start photographing everything happening in the room. Megan had a lot of children in her wedding party so it was very easy to keep my lens occupied. I had a great time capturing the story of the day.

Flower Girl – Getting Ready at Hotel

I absolutely love it when a bride has so many details because it expresses my creativity when I go to photograph them. When I first get to the location that everyone is getting ready at, I ask for all of the details including the dress, jewelry, rings, shoes, and whatever else they have.

The bouquet and rings with the dress – Getting Ready at Hotel
The shoes, rings and jewelry – Getting Ready at Hotel

Megan had very beautiful jewelry and THOSE SHOES! So unique and beautiful! The jewels, the sparkles, and the accent of color from the shoes.

The Bride and Groom’s Rings – Getting Ready at Hotel

After everyone was ready to go, we all headed to the ceremony. Megan and Diondra got married at the Riverhouse Banquet Center in Mount Clemens, Michigan. It is a beautiful venue set right on the Clinton River smack dab in the middle of downtown Mount Clemens. They have the perfect little area outside for a ceremony under a gazebo with the river as a backdrop.

The Ceremony – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
The Ceremony – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
The Kiss – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
The Exit – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
The Exit – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
The Exit – The Riverhouse Banquet Center

Usually after the ceremony we go directly into the formal portraits. It was perfect for Megan and Dra’s wedding, they had everything all in one spot so we didn’t have to go far. With having a little area right off to the side of the venue with the trees in the background, we were able to get the portraits done in no time.

The Wedding Park – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
Family – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
The Bride and Groom – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
The Bride and Groom – The Riverhouse Banquet Center

It was a tight timeline, but we made it in time to get back to the venue for the wedding party announcement and dinner. The reception was designed perfectly for the princess ball of dreams. Dancing and fun pursued after. They had a photo booth and guests converged outside through the night (the weather was perfect on this not-so-humid summer night). I love weddings that have such a relaxed feel to them.

The Cake – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
The Bride and Groom at Reception – The Riverhouse Banquet Center
The First Dance – The Riverhouse Banquet Center

All-in-all I absolutely loved to share in these two love bird’s perfect wedding day. One of my favorite parts of of the wedding day is when I leave and see the huge smiles of the bride and groom and to see how happy they are and how much fun they are having. Even if there were extreme stresses occurring before the wedding day and worry that everything will go wrong and even if something doesn’t go as planned, at the end of the night, it really doesn’t matter. Your friends and family are there for and with you and that moment when everything starts to wind down and your worries are gone, it is just a fun party from there on.

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